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    Finger Food Recipes: The Best Way to Celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day

    May 18th is National No Dirty Dishes Day. How will you be celebrating?

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    Planning a Graduation Party: 4 Steps to Hosting the Ultimate Party

    It’s that time of year again – graduation!

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    Personal Chefs, Your Food Safety and Handling Experts

    Your Diet is Important

    Personal chefs available at Hire a Chef understand just how important your diet is. What you eat dictates your personal health, your performance at work, your ability to stay focused and happy, and even affects how you age. For this reason, Personal Chefs are becoming an...

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    Perfect Recipes for a Great-Looking Dinner Table

    Dressing your table is not just about using your best cutlery and china. A vase of fresh flowers adds a pop of color to the center of your table, and a quality runner is the ideal setting for plates of great food – but the dishes you serve also play a big part in the appearance of a dinner...

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